Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Embracing cutting edge technology with a creative arts content Lipsticktracez creates a virtual world where viewers can learn about contemporary art, design and youth culture.

A forum for women in the arts showcasing the best and brightest. Updated on a daily basis, the lipstick ladies blog to bring you new events, products, commentary, and information. Feature content is created weekly. The interactive site is gaining a huge buzz in the art and design community.

Lipsticktracez is run by women in the arts for women interested in art, commerce, and technology. Our readers are fashionable, sophisticated , well travelled and street savvy.

Upcoming features include:

Tiffany Godoy (culture) Harajuku, the style capital of the world?
Fia Backstrom (art) Her groundbreaking installation at the Whitney Biennial
Tracy Bunkoczy (design) The innovative force behind the Small Paul brand
Kite and Butterfly (design) Bohemian Rhapsody an interview with the twins
CCMcGurr (design) Her concept shop Fille De Joie.
Justine Cooper (art) Technology, science and art
Sarah Morris (art) Her film and the Beijing Olympics
Nanako Enya (design) Japan’s Hysteric Mini designer talks fashion
Carri Munden (fashion) Cassette Playa and the nue rave
Roberta Bailey (art) From Blondie to Johnny Thunders

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